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We play an active part in sustaining NOTA’s distinctive style. Our volunteer group of residents focuses on keeping the community informed and engaged. Consider us your resource for what’s happening in NOTA: We’re here to help you get the best out of living in one of Rochester’s most vibrant neighborhoods.
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Our Mission

The NOTA Neighborhood Association brings people together to appreciate NOTA's cultural, civic, artistic, and entrepreneurial character.

Meeting Notes

Check the calendar for the next monthly meeting of the NOTA Neighborhood Association Board.

Anyone in NOTA is welcome to attend. Please contact us at least 5 days before the meeting, and let us know if you have a specific topic to present or discuss.

What's Notable This Month?

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Citywide Weekly Happenings

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The Neighborhood

NOTA is Rochester’s arts district, a diverse cultural hub that attracts creative people and ideas.

From impressive sculptures to imprinted sidewalks, quirky benches to inspired bus stops, mosaic lamp posts to pocket gardens, music to theater, literature to movies, and historic architecture to contemporary style, it’s a neighborhood designed as a living art experience.

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Characterized by both art and the adaptive reuse of existing space, NOTA is home to many of the city’s cultural institutions, as well as a variety of unique studios, shops, restaurants, and services supported by the Business Association (NOTABA).

Walk anywhere in NOTA and you’ll discover many choices for urban living, from stately Victorians to new construction full of modern amenities, and modest rental units to luxury lofts.

For a detailed look at NOTA past and present, check out the City’s web page dedicated to the Neighborhood of the Arts and the neighborhood profile on Celebrate City Living.

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