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NOTA is situated in the East Avenue Preservation District, one of Rochester’s eight designated preservation areas. Take a stroll through the neighborhood to enjoy its many architectural styles and design details. To maintain the history and character of NOTA properties, exterior residential and commercial alterations require the consent of the Preservation Board.

Preservation promotes the identification, evaluation, rehabilitation, adaptive use, and restoration of historic structures.

Visit the city’s Preservation Board web page to learn more about its role, and the process for seeking Board approval for changes to your property. You’ll also find up-to-date public hearing information, including details on upcoming hearings and past decisions from the Board.

On the Historic Preservation page, you can download preservation district maps and property listings, along with a list of Rochester’s designated individual landmarks. This page also offers guidance from the Preservation Board to help you make appropriate design decisions when altering or renovating a preservation district property.

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